Chema Gil is a photographer and digital artist of international experience. Born in Sahagun City, a small city located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. He began his career as a law student but decided to change everything for his passion as a photographer. Chema ended his career in Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid, and then he decided to move to Perugia, Italy to specialize in Computer Graphics Photo and at the same time certied in one of the headquarters of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinema in Milan, as Audiovisual Writer.


He worked in Norway in Migrapolis TV, where he began his rst steps as a photographer and applied his innovative technique. e rst exhibition was in the coee shop in Oslo "Downtown", which was attended by his closest friends to watch "Los nadie", aer this great success his artistic work was exhibited in dierent galleries throughout Europe. When he returned to Mexico, with the help of the director of the Historical Archive of Sinaloa, he exhibited "Los nadie” in the city of Culiacan, and then 13 cities across Mexico.


Chema has developed several projects in Mexico, one of the most signicant was the "Lotería del Bicentenario" which had the support of the National Commission for the Bicentennial Celebration, and using his technique he could combine all historical factors, the heroes and the symbols that represents the Mexican culture. e material compiled was a deluxe edition of the lottery that was distributed by EDUCAL, Gandhi and various bookshops and prestige shops, and a series of frames for exhibition with large images of the cards, which were exhibited at the Exhibition Hall of Deputies and in various capitals of Mexico with a wide acceptance. Chema has also exhibited at the gallery “LuminArte Fine Art Gallery” from Austin Texas and is in the process of exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York, USA


He believes that art and culture can change the lives of people, he started a dream together with his brother,  he founded the Cultural Center Calavera in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.

About Chema Gil




Parque Hidalgo #170

Pachuca de Soto, Hgo, México


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